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The Game in your Mind

We design personalised athletic performance programs. We help athletes and teams to prepare the season, establish their objectives and increase their inner strength by improving their mental and emotional state. We provide tools so that athletes can learn to self-manage their emotions, maintain their optimal level of stress and deal with negative thoughts. Our biggest obstacles are always internal, so it is essential to learn how to quiet our minds and emotions.

“ The greatest battle I fight every match is against the voices coming from inside my own head ”

Rafa Nadal

We help athletes to develop the self-awareness needed to discover their limiting beliefs, so they can work on replacing them with new ones that enable them to improve their performance and reduce their stress and anxiety levels, leaving behind blockages, fears and low performance. We help to improve motivation, confidence and assurance.

“ Every match has to be won in the mind first, before it can be won on the playing field. Just like in the game of life, this requires great vision, confidence and determination ”


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